Vegan sausage awards results

2019 Results

  • Best NZ vegan sausage: Ananda's "Bambino"
  • Best gluten free vegan sausage: The Beyond Sausage
  • Best breakfast vegan sausage: Tonzu's Italian Herb
  • Best vegan sausage roll: Fry's
  • Nostalgia Award: Howler Hotdogs, Vege Dog
  • Supreme Award: Beyond sausage!

Beyond Sausage

The Beyond Sausage

"The supreme winner" says judge Aaron Brunet, 'nails all the essential attributes of a great sausage. The skin has a pleasing bite and the filling has a fabulous texture. There is a great balance of juiciness and chewiness, with a rich authentic sausagey flavour. It cooks like a classic sausage-it sizzles and juices run off it into the pan. The overall effect is an authentic BBQ experience, except with these sausages you are no longer the poor cousin at the BBQ."