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Apollo Taito Bio

01 Aug 2015

I am Apollo. Here at my Vegan Blokes Blog you will find a collection of my thoughts and imaginings based on my professional experience as a manager and soldier. My ruminations are a cornucopia mashup from Star Wars to self reflections of the suck, hopefully all to assist your journey surviving as a vegan man (or understanding one)! Apollo wants to live in a world filled with innovative ideas and a balance between the tree hugger and realist. As a professional manager in the health sector with more than 20 years of experience, he has worked for NGOs, Pacific health organisations and a large DHB. As a soldier and infantryman, Apollo has 18 years observing the complex culture of ‘Man’ and the art of ‘embracing the Suck’. Apollo is currently completing his Doctorate in health science, with a thesis on Governance. When he’s not on PlayStation or training, he dabbles with writing or loving and adoring his Danish wife Helene and two cats Mr Cuddles and Moonlight.