The vegan blokes blog


29 Sep 2017

vegan thug life2.jpg Do you remember becoming vegan woke and feeling out of sorts with the rest of the world? All of a sudden you are out of ‘fashion’, not because of what you wear (well some us of anyway…those kum-buy-ya hippies have a lot to answer for), it is more of your state of mind and swagger that signals to people: Oh shit he/she is vegan. For some, this causes a lot of angst, initiating a desperate look for the pod that holds our old body, old self. At the gym, I was doing a boxing class, heavy bags, focus pads..sweaty balls and all. In walks this lady of Asian descent, earplugs jacked into her phone. Without a care, she starts doing her own dance/workout routine in front of the shadow boxing mirrors. It was funny AF. She did a shimmy, step left, step right, more shimmies and Vegan gods bless her, she threw in the spirit fingers. I loved her zero farks attitude. It was a good reminder of being vegan, of our personal happiness, not the happiness you get from winning $50 scratch and win ticket, rather the deep heartfelt happiness, when your face licked by a dog or purr smothered from your loving cat. Being vegan is love. Some of us choose to practice our veganism quietly, that is cool. It is also cool to be open, free and expressive about being Vegan, For the new vegans, do not concern yourself about normalcy and missing out the cool kids' table. You are not normal, which is the ultimate cool because Vegan is the new black. So do not be afraid to bust out those Vegan dance moves, or wearing clothes the cast wore from the musical “Hair”, and even after all this, you are still worried about fitting in…then fark, just chuck on the some Lulu lemon yoga pants. Stay Vegan Thug and lots of love