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09 Jun 2017

thuglife2.jpg Working, listening to postmodern jukebox, just finished my Avenger size jar of green vegan hulk juice. One of my colleagues pipes up. Mate: “Brother, were you like captain America and buried in ice, and only listen to old ass music?” I laugh, this guy has been asking/hassling me about my vegan breakfast and lunches. He’s a bit of a lady’s man and trains hard. I usually spot him in the edges of my vision, like Sméagol hating and coveting my food. Sméagol Mate: “Brother, I took my Mum out for her birthday dinner last night, we had Thai. Bro! She wanted to have tofu with all the meals…Bro and it was yumm! I thought that vegan shit was like complicated as fark…might have to try more of your vegan stuff.” Me: “Sweet, it’s all about getting educated about your food my brother,” I can’t overlook an opportunity to give him shit. “It’s a bit like that time, you were smiling at that brunette at that sushi place, yesterday. She smiled back and said a few things, and immediately you thought she had the hots for you, but in reality, she was just smiling”. Sméagol mate: “Brother, don’t get carried away, don’t go smashing the fark out of all my false realities, geez small steps”