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The cost of caring

01 Jun 2017

caring.jpg I have read a number of posts where vegans, faced with the immensity of animal suffering, are feeling low and disheartened. I feel for you, I really do. Unfortunately, when we choose a vegan life, it meant shedding the cataleptic sleep from our eyes. Feeling and caring, like integrity, honour and responsibility, comes with a burdensome cost that requires great moral courage, stuff that keeps heroes up at night, I know this sucks like a bag of dicks. I found the following works for me; Build a shield: More often as a vegan you see or hear something that triggers you, to really hate humanity. Mate, you must build a shield around your heart, especially if you do not want the madness to ruin you. Be mindful, that you do not make the shield too hard, your heart still needs to breathe and feel. Self-care: Some of your sadness is losing a sense of normality, of being part of society. Keep in mind that normality of carnism was a gilded cage of slavery. Yeah, they may hold fun memories of insentient happiness. However, a nice cage with Netflix and a hot tub still makes you a slave. Make your new circle of normal. Find like-minded souls to form a peer support group. Go to movies, get on the piss, all good. But most of all use the peer group to bounce ideas and find commonality in being a mother farking thug vegan. Be mindful not to lock yourself away in a sheltered vegan social group, your presence in non-vegan groups still influences change. I wish I could tell you, that the pain lessens, but then I would be like Usher trying to make things all romantic, singing “I want to make love in this club” …yeah bullshit. Yes, caring can be hard, but hey if this was easy everyone would be a cool as fark vegan. “But I believe in love And I know that you do too And I believe in some kind of path That we can walk down, me and you” Nick Cave: Into my arms