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State of Origin: The odd one out

13 Jul 2017

staygold.jpg I am on my way to Brisbane, attending a National Rugby League (NRL) conference on suicide prevention. I have an aisle seat, packed in next to me are two Queensland supporters, huge, guys, who have already started pre game loading with a Steinlarger breakfast. The flight crew start prepping brunch, a lovely flight attendant turns up and asks, “Mr Taito, here is your vegan meal” I give her a smile “thank you”, and start to enjoy my meal, my vegan spidey senses tingle, and looking over I see my neighbors eyes on me, “Vegan bro? How’s that working for you?” I go into my routine response, which I have down Pat and his black and white cat. I assume this the end, yet while watching American Gods (I love Neil Gaiman, he is the tits), I receive a tentative tap on my arm. It is my Queensland buddy wanting to know more about veganism, he says he is looking for a change in his health. I mentally rub my hands like eager Mormon, well howdy-de-doo-dee, time to convert a Carni to the holy word of veganism. I arrive in Brisbane and taxi to the Suncorp Stadium; it is huge and I am escorted into a room full of huge godlike rugby league players. Introductions go round, and of course, I let them know I am vegan. My mate next to me, who I have mentally tagged as “tank” loudly whispers “Fark me maate, a Se-mo-in vaygun.” Again, I get a lot of questions about, what I eat, how I feel when training etc. etc. I make some good connections and at the end of the day, the NRL offer me Corporate Gold class tickets to the state of Origin final. My response: “Umm thanks mate but I’m not really interested in the game” apologetic. All the lads look at me attentively like its Sorting day in Hogwarts. “Fark mate, you male vayguns sure are different.” We laugh. Loving my vegan thug life