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The vegan vault

28 Jun 2017

Hopefully by now, most of you Wellingtonians will have heard of this fantastic monthly market, if not, do check them out on Facebook, they’re amazing - highlight of every month! This is a night market at 171 Victoria Street from 6pm-10pm on the first Saturday of each month where everything is 100% vegan and 100% incredible. The vendors change every month (with some regulars) and either serve vegan food, sell vegan products/merchandise on site or talk about veganism/their role in whichever business they do. Not to mention the very talented live musicians! I am proud to say that I have attended every market so far and will certainly be attending the ones to come! I am passionate about supporting local businesses, supporting vegan companies and events and this market just ticks all the boxes. I, among most other vegans, love that we don’t have to double-check ingredients and explain our dietary choices to caterers/companies before purchasing from their stall/business because everything there is completely vegan! We can literally eat or purchase everything without accidentally purchasing something non-vegan or purchasing something from someone who doesn’t understand our requirement and our choices and gives you a miso soup with fish sauce or a lipstick with fish scales… The Vegan Vault is vegan haven! The Vegan Vault is also a great place to meet like-minded people and start really interesting conversations with the people around you, share advice and start friendships. Bonus points for being able to preach about veganism as much as you like without ‘pushing your values’ or being ‘that vegan’! :) Because of the event’s popularity, queue line can get pretty long - I use this as the perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation with another fellow vegan or person interested in veganism and chat about our similar experiences and other yummy places to eat/visit in Wellington! Furthermore, bringing non-vegans along exposes them to the joys of veganism and lets them experience delicious vegan food such as chocolate jam donuts or fush n chips from ‘new plant order’, raw desserts and hearty burgers from ‘In Bloom’, marshmallow fluff from ‘Sweet Release’, churros with yummy sauces and an increasingly long list of all the absolutely delicious foods and incredible vegan products! I bring my vegan friends or meet them there and we all bring non-vegans with us too so that they can experience all the dirt, leaves and twigs too. (Kidding!) Everyone I know who has come along has raved about the Vegan Vault and all the incredible yummies we eat. After showing them how easy being vegan is, how rewarding and proving that going vegan means you don’t miss out on drool-worthy food, others will have no excuse not to give it a go long-term. :) Some envy-inducing pictures are below (hope you’re not hungry)…

vegan vault 1.jpg

A collage of some of my eats…

vegan vault 2.jpg

Paella in the wok from Paella Boys

vegan vault 3.jpg

Tacos from Taco Addict!

vegan vault 4.jpg

Wellington Rabbit Rescue (pic credit The Vegan Vault on Facebook)

vegan vault 5.jpg

Chickpea burger from In Bloom!

vegan vault 6.jpg

Dumplings from House of Dumplings (pic credit The Vegan Vault on Facebook)

That’s not even all, the vendor list is incredible and everyone deserves a feature but this article would be far too long if I included each individual stall! Check out for more details and hunger-inducing pictures and make sure to come along to the upcoming Vegan Vault markets! :) Highly, highly recommend for vegans, transitioning vegans and complete non-vegans alike.