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01 Oct 2015

My name is Brad and I live in Wellington, New Zealand. I have a goal to run a marathon in under 3 hours, and in the process qualify for and run in the Boston marathon. The problem is I am not a 'natural' runner. In April 2013, I went for a three kilometre run to improve my fitness. It was a new personal best, beating my previous longest run of two kilometres in 2009, after I missed the Mr Whippy ice-cream truck and had to chase it down the street. Not wanting to rest on my laurels, I signed up to the Five Bridges half marathon in Petone and began training. Since then I have run four half marathons and one full marathon, and I intend to run many more. I have found a passion in something I believed I hated, and I want to challenge myself and see how far and fast I can go. So why the website? Because I am a Wellingtonian now, and one of only a few who doesn’t blog about what they eat and where, and I felt left out. Seriously though, I want to shave more than an hour off my current marathon time of 4 hours and 12 minutes, and qualify for Boston. What better motivation than to have it posted on the internet for people to see? There is no way I can back out now! I hope you will stay, read, learn, and follow an exciting and ambitous goal for me. I hope you will keep me honest, email me, ask me how the training is going if you see me, and tell me to put down that bag of potato chips. The potato chip thing is a bit of an issue, so please help me. I also hope to make you laugh in the process, because this is going to a bloody boring website if I don’t crack a few jokes. By the way, I am recently converted vegan. So I will be doing all this while eating a plant-based diet.