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14 Perks of being vegan

02 Aug 2015

blog4food.png Being vegan means you have to be more open-minded when it comes to trying new foods. A vegan lifestyle leads to delicious recipes, restaurants and ethnic delicacies that you might never have tried otherwise.

A vegan person is likely to eat more healthy food, gaining more essential nutrients through vegetables, fruits and legumes.

The vegan diet advocates a more balanced diet, with less fat and cholesterol and more raw and whole foods.

Being vegan means you get used to saying no to cake. Office treats and snacks are off the table (unless they are vegan friendly). This leads to strengthened willpower and a healthier relationship with food.

One of my favourite upsides to veganism is introducing people to vegan food and witnessing their views change. I love sharing vegan dinners and desserts with non-vegans and seeing their minds expand and views soften.

Veganism means you are not able to eat a lot of unhealthy food that is readily available, and cheap and convenient to buy. This is great for health and encourages more thoughtful food choices. People on a vegan diet are not able to eat everything they are offered or could buy, so every food choice is thoughtful which often leads to healthier food choices.

Eating lots of food doesn’t leave you feeling sick and fatigued. Foods with lots of dairy and meat can make you feel like napping but over-eating delicious vegan food doesn’t make you feel this way.

There is a very good chance that a vegan diet will help you lose weight and stay trim.

You don’t have to defrost meat every morning or being mindful of how to manage raw meats and dairy products. Plus less food items are perishable.

Chilly bins are mostly optional.

There is plenty of room in a vegan’s fridge/freezer for an abundance of raw treats and vegan goodness since dairy, cheese, eggs and meat aren’t over-populating the chill space.

Veganism is an opportunity to refine your diet and learn more about health and nutrition.

Vegans tend to be passionate people – if you embark on this dietary lifestyle you are likely to meet many more passionate and mindful people just like you.

blog4animal.png You save the lives of animals and help planet Earth!