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Five easy ways to live cruelty-free

22 Jul 2015

I won’t deny that the idea of giving up all animal products and by-products is a little on the scary side. Often when people are introduced to the idea of a vegan lifestyle, they tense up and reject the concept, preferring to stay on the other side of the great debate. In this blog, I am going to recommend some ways you can lessen your impact on animal cruelty, while not having to give up cheese, chicken and chocolate in one “fowl” swoop.

1. Expand your awareness:

Blog2Image1.jpg The first step towards making more animal friendly choices is to become aware of how animal-based food is made.  Generally, people don’t want to know that 90 million chickens are killed annually in New Zealand for their meat, and a further 3.5 million die of health issues before 6 weeks of age. I get it – it’s disturbing. But, bringing awareness of where your food comes from is an important step towards improving living conditions for animals and changing the way we farm and eat in the future. Education paves the way to change. I recommend watching these documentaries:

  • Food Inc. (2008)
  • Forks over Knives (2011)
  • Earthlings (2005)
Or visiting SAFE to learn more about animal farming issues in New Zealand:

2. Buy cruelty-free beauty products/house hold cleaners

Blog2Image2.jpg Cosmetic companies don’t test on imprisoned humans, so why do they test on enslaved animals against their will? There is no positive side to animal testing, so when shopping for deodorants, make up, lotions and body products, read the label and opt for products that are not tested on animals.   Additionally, many household cleaners and detergents are tested on animals. Avoid supporting this inhumane practice by reading product labels and looking for a cruelty-free/no animal testing logo. Another bonus of buying these types of products is that they tend to be made from natural ingredients that are less harmful to the environment. Double win!

3. Substitute dairy milk with a plant-based alternative

Blog2Image3.jpg Do you drink a lot of coffee, or love baking? Rather than using dairy milk, choose a plant-based alternative. You won’t notice a difference when added to recipes or breakfast bowls and the taste will grow on you. My favourites are soy milk and almond milk.

4. Make Monday’s meat free:

Blog2Image4.jpg Just one day of the week. You can do it.

5. Don’t support zoos, circuses or theme parks that exploit animals

It’s just common sense – profiteering from the work, enslavement and captivity of animals is not humane. Say no to cruelty by not supporting these “attractions”.   If you need more convincing, watch Blackfish (2013), a documentary about Sea World.   For more ways to lessen your impact on the animal world, discover yummy vegan recipes, lifestyle tips and more, check out my future blogs.