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World Vegan Day High Tea at Hectors

02 Nov 2015

Vegan_High_Tea_1.jpg World Vegan Day was a classy affair at the Heritage Hotel High Tea. Having never experienced the Heritage Auckland’s incredible Hectors restaurant before, this year’s Vegan High Tea was a real pleasure. The overall experience at Hectors was delightful – the atmosphere, the elegant surroundings and the abundance of vegan friends made for a memorable afternoon, not to mention the food that transcended the realms of vegan expectation.

Vegan_High_Tea_2.jpg The Heritage Auckland is located on Hobson Street in the heart of the city. Over the past few years, Hectors restaurant and lobby café have become vegan dining leaders, introducing a plethora of vegan options. These innovative changes to the menu have been led by Jinu Abraham, winner of the Vegetarian Dish Challenge twice over. The Vegan High Tea was crafted beautifully by Jinu (pictured) – eating the delicate and delicious treats felt almost like a travesty as each item was a piece of edible art.

Vegan_High_Tea_3.jpg The High Tea included an elaborate tea menu which offered something for everyone’s taste, along with four courses of vegan afternoon tea delights. Gluten free options were also made available, making the event one everyone could enjoy. The foods offered ranged from dainty club sandwiches which creamy mozzarella cheese and tomato, to aquafaba lemon meringue baskets and raspberry macaroons. It truly was an afternoon of vegan delicacies. My personal favourites from the day were the raw chocolate slice, which melted in your mouth with every morsel, and the three-layer dessert cup which boasted lime and avocado moose, mango and coconut cream. After three courses of sweets and savouries, a round of fresh scones was served at each table. The scones included a chocolate chip scone, which was an indulgent treat that tasted more like a chocolate cookie, and when lathered in coconut yoghurt, was so delicious you might want to eat them as a sole food source. Being able to eat easefully without once asking if the food was vegan or what it contained was a rare and highly valued opportunity. Thank you Hectors for the incredible vegan options available.

Vegan_High_Tea_4.jpg The opportunity to taste and try so many vegan foods was a true blessing and I won’t be hesitating to visit Hectors again soon. Hectors restaurant offers a range of vegetarian and vegan meal options which are available for breakfast, lunch, high tea, dinner and tapas. I would recommend the High Tea experience to any vegan who has yet to visit Hectors. Take your vegan sister, partner, friends and parents to Hectors, for the ultimate vegan fine dining experience.