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Life without cheese – 5 vegan alternatives

20 Dec 2015

As outlined in my last blog, cheese is an addictive substance. This is why it is often one of the hardest foods to give up when you commit to a vegan diet. To learn more about the truth about cheese, check out this entry. This blog will discuss cheese alternatives and creative ways to enjoy vegan cheese substitutes. As a vegan, you still have a few cheesy options! Check out my top five cheesy vegan delights.

Nutritional yeast

nutritionalyeast.jpg Nutritional yeast is a powdery/flakey (deactivated) yeast substance that is fortified with vitamins and minerals (hence the name). This can be added to many meals and sauces to enhance the flavour and add a cheesy twist. Mac and “Cheese” sauce can be made with nutritional yeast (although it should be used sparingly as it has a strong flavour). My favourite way to use nutritional yeast is to sprinkle it over nachos. This provides a similar flavour to topping a meal with cheese but without the calories and the cruelty! This is a great ingredient to have on hand in your vegan kitchen.

Angel Food

angelfood.jpg Angel Food has got to be one of the best emerging brands of 2015. It has captivated the vegan world, and even partnered with Hell Pizza to create amazing vegan pizzas (covered in vegan mozzarella). Angel Food makes several dreamy products, my favourite of which is the vegan mozzarella. This can be purchased from health food stores (and some supermarkets) along with vegan parmesan and two cheese sauce mixes. Now you can add cheese to your shepherds pies, pizzas, Mexican food and sandwiches, and feel good about it.

Not cheese sauce

veganmaccheese.jpg If you’ve been vegan a while, you will likely be used to life without cheese. If you are a new vegan, you might still crave cheese from time to time. Whatever kind of vegan you are, you will love the versatility of Angel Food Cheesy Sauce Mix. This simple cheese mix can be added to a nut milk or a milk alternative and simmered for three minutes to create a delicious sauce that can be added to any dish that requires cheese flavours. Mac and “Cheese” just got a lot easier!

Nut cheese

nutcheese.jpg Cheese can be made out of blended nuts. At first I found this hard to fathom, but after trying macadamia cheese at Hectors Restaurant in Auckland CBD, I was a believer! Amazingly, you can make your own nut cheese at home! Nut cheeses are extra special because you can flavour them however you like for a taste you are sure to enjoy. Photo credit: Keto Reviews. Check out One Green Planet for an amazing range of nut-based cheese recipes.

No cheese at all!

Before I went vegan, I was vegetarian. I tried several times to progress to a vegan diet – my biggest weakness? Cheese. For me, having no cheese is my preference. That is not to say that I won’t indulge in vegan mozzarella or nut cheese when the opportunity arises, but life without cheese suits me just fine. Once you adjust to not eating cheese, it becomes surprisingly easy. Us humans are masters of adaptation. Although change can be uncomfortable, we do have the ability to adjust and find a new normal, even if that new normal is a life sans cheese. If you are thinking about becoming vegan, but are not yet ready to give up cheese, just think, a couple of months from now, not eating cheese will be normal, and you will forget all about the foods you once missed. Regan The Vegan