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Marvellous vegan alternatives - part 2

01 Oct 2015

Making the decision to go vegan means deciding to move away from all animal products, and products tested on animals. This cruelty-free way of life takes some adjusting to, and the more you investigate your habits and lifestyle, the more you will realize how many products are not vegan-friendly. Once you have stopped eating meat, eggs, dairy and other animal-derived food products, it’s time to consider what products you use on your body, and around your home, as well as the clothes you wear. Changing to a vegan lifestyle is a process. You have to use the beauty and body products you already own, before selecting new replacements of your favourite items. Each time a makeup item or body wash/moisturizer runs out; use it as an opportunity to extend your veganism by shopping for products that are cruelty-free. Becoming vegan can be a tricky process, but if you approach it with a sense of ease and self-compassion, it can be a truly enjoyable journey. Some more of my favourite vegan alternatives are listed below.

Body Products

blog6_1.jpg If you like to smell divine and wake up with refreshing fragrances, you will love Original Source body washes. These shower gels are animal friendly, naturally scented and come in a range of scents. Some will wake you up in the morning (Mint and tea tree) and others to put you at ease (lavender and tea tree). My favourites from this range? Lime, and Vanilla and Raspberry. Delish!


blog6_2.jpg Growing up in multi-cultural Auckland, curry was on my family’s weekly menu without fail. As a child I learnt to cook curries at home, usually made up of chicken and packet sauce. As a vegan, my curries now taste divine and are considerably healthier. My favourite curries to cook are Indian, and I always cook from scratch. Not being able to buy packet foods/sauces is a real bonus as you end up cooking with whole foods and learning more about how flavours complement each other. Not only are the flavours of Indian dishes intricate and yet simple, they can be made easily and come together super-fast. The best curry combinations I have found so far are tomato and lentil curry, known as dal (stay tuned for this recipe), and potato and pea. These simple flavours are beyond delicious and I encourage even the non-vego’s to give vegan curry a try. Potato and peas beats chicken every time. Need another bonus? Veggies are better for the waist-line, wallet and planet at the same time.


blog6_3.jpg Oreos are vegan. Enough said.

Take Away Burger

blog6_4.jpg Now, I am not one to encourage the consumption of fast food, BUT, if you have a hankering for a take-aways, Burger Fuel is the place to go. It’s time you met Burger Fuel’s Combustion Tofu burger. This burger is vegetarian, but without the aioli, it’s vegan. The Combustion Tofu burger is stuffed with delicious sauces, creamy tofu and crunchy veggies. You may be tempted to eat two!

Dinner Date Restaurant

Being vegan doesn’t mean you can’t eat out! If you live in the Auckland area, or ever visit, two must try restaurants are listed below. Jai Jalaram If you like Indian food and eating out on the cheap; head to Jai Jalaram in Sandringham, Auckland. This little spot offers a wide range of Southern Indian cuisine, so authentic you could be dining in India. The food is super cheap and you can easily get a 2-course meal for two people, for under $25.00. Jai Jalaram is vegetarian, but they offer vegan dishes and cheerfully adapt many menu items to be vegan too.               Sunflower This little gem is hidden away on High Street in the Auckland CBD. Sunflower is a Thai restaurant, where you can get a main meal and entrée for less than $20.00. The best part? Everything on their extensive menu is VEGAN. Sunflower is my go-to for special occasion dinners and is open for lunch as well.

I hope this blog has shed some light on the amazing world of vegan alternatives. Living a vegan life is super rewarding in so many ways and is also an opportunity to learn more about food, nutrition and the environment. Stick around for future food and recipe posts as well as an up-coming blogs about vegan beauty products and why we should all Go Vegan.