Dairy alternatives


For all the chocoholics out there, the good news is there is lots of vegan chocolate out there! Here are some common brands you will find in your local supermarket. Health food and organic type shops will have a whole lot more, including raw chocolate and coconut based chocolates.
Note that a lot of chocolate ok for vegans is made on the same equipment as non vegan chocolate and will contain a 'may contain traces of' warning. For most this is ok, but anyone with allergies may need to check the labels.



Great for eating the whole pack, melting and dipping fruit, chopping and using in baking.

Trade Aid

Trade Aid

For all fair trade chocolate try the Trade Aid range, available in Trade Aid shops, as well as supermarkets, usually in the organic/gluten free section.

Sweet William

sweet william

All dairy free, some are sugar free. Try the white chocolate, or white chocolate with strawberry. Usually stocked in the organic/gluten free section.

Chocolate Drops

Vegan Chocolate Drops

For baking you can use New World Pam's range chocolate chips or drops, and also Sweet William range.


christmas vegan chocolate

Sweet William range do chocolate mini santa bars. Dairy free advent calendars can be ordered online from the cruelty free shop and some shops such as the warehouse, keep an eye out.