Dairy alternatives

Ice Cream

Dairy free ice cream is delicious and available in most supermarkets. There so many to choose from!

So Good

so good ice cream

So good ice cream by Sanitarium have vanilla bliss, coconut vanilla, or choc almond ice creams.

Like Licks

like licks ice cream

Like Licks have Almond & Raspberry, Oat & Chocolate, and Hockey Pokey which are vegan.

Little island

little island ice cream

The Little Island range is delicious! Coconut based ice cream - chocolate, vanilla bean, coconut caramel, chocolate raspberry, mint choc chop, or mango.


Coyo ice cream

Coconut based ice cream, Coyo, comes in natural, raw chocolate, vanilla & nutmeg, tamarind & stickydate, pina colada, mango & lime, and acai & blueberry flavours.

Nice Blocks

little island ice lollies

Nice Blocks have ice blocks and coconut ice cream blocks. Vanilla bean, chocolate, cola, feijoa, lemonade, apple & mango, passionfruit, and raspberry.