Meat alternatives & protein

Vegan meat replacements

There are so many products available in the supermarket that are great for BBQs, pasta bolognese, shepherd's pie, and sausage and mash type meals etc.
Here is a selection to help you know what to look out for.


Frys vegan meat substitutes

Frys are in the freezer section and most supermarkets stock a good range but some will differ. The sausages are a meaty flavour and great for BBQ, brunch, dinner, anything! The burgers are also great. Chicken style strips are great in salad. They also have pies! The whole range is vegan.

Bean Supreme

Bean supreme meat substitutes

Bean Supreme are also a New Zealand company. They too have sausages, mince, luncheon, and tofu, all located in the fridge section in supermarkets. Not all products are vegan though so check the labels. The new black bean beetroot burgers are great.

Linda McCartney Range

Cruelty free shop meat substitutes

Linda McCartney products are from the UK. Not all are vegan so check the ingredients. Stocked in some supermarkets in the freezer and in the cruelty free store in Auckland, check their website for stockists.

Cruelty Free Shop

Cruelty free shop meat substitutes

The cruelty free shop are based in Auckland but you can order online. They have many other types of meat substitutes that you may not be able to find in supermarkets, for example fish alternatives and seitan (a wheat/gluten alternative to steak). Everything in the shop is vegan.


Tonzu meat substitutes

Tonzu are a New Zealand company. They have sausages, mince, luncheon, tempeh, tofu and yogurts (see dairy alternatives), and are located in the fridge section in supermarkets. The sausages are a herb flavour, give them a try! All are vegan.

Soy Works

Soy Works meat substitutes

Soy Works are New Zealand based. This range has gluten free sausages, cajun or herb. Found in the fridge section. Not all their products are vegan.

Wheaty Chorizo

Wheaty Spacebar meat substitutes

Wheaty Spacebar Chorizo are found in the shelves in organic type shops and online at the cruelty free shop (who also stock more wheaty products). Great sliced up on homemade pizza. Also try in pasta or salads. The company has a wide range of products but not all are available in NZ.

Veggie Delights/Sanitarium

Veggie Delights vegan meat substitutes

Sanitarium Veggie Delights have tinned food found on the shelves near beans and mexican foods usually. They also have sausages in the fridge section. The mince is great for bolognaise or sheperd's pie type meals. Also try the nutmeat and nutolene. Recipes are on the label and can also be found on their website. Not all their products are vegan.