Meet the board members

The Vegan Society of Aotearoa New Zealand currently has 5 board members.

Amanda Sorrenson

Amanda is from Auckland has been a board member and the national coordinator since 2011. She has been vegetarian since childhood and vegan since 2003. As a board member she’d like to ensure that the vegan society continues to increase its resourcing and building of the vegan community so that we can help people become and remain vegan in New Zealand.

Hannah Lessells

Originally from the UK, moved to Wellington in 2005 and now living on the West Coast, Hannah joined the board in 2011. She has been vegetarian from birth and vegan since 2008. Hannah is the Vegan Society Co-ordinator for Wellington and Wairarapa. She originally got involved with the Vegan Society through creating a vegan community on facebook, finding other vegans in the area for support and friendships.

Claire Insley

Claire became vegan in 2000, having been vegetarian since 15. She has been a board member since February 2015. Her passion for our planet and all who live on her has led her to work with the Society as a media spokesperson. Claire also veganises the recipes for the Healthy Food Guide. She currently lives on the West Coast in Buller and does what she can to promote a plant based diet locally. Claire is excited for the future of veganism!

Helen Fletcher

Helen transitioned from vegetarian to vegan almost instantly in 2015. This worked well for her and it really was the best decision she had ever made. She has a finance background covering numerous industries and organisations including the SPCA. Helen enjoys educating people on saving animals through the vegan lifestyle. On the Board she will help to ensure that the Society is financially compliant and maintains financial stability going into future.

Adrian Hatwell

An Auckland-based journalist and communications expert, Adrian has a passion for using his professional experience to advocate on behalf of the animals. He has lent his skills to many animal rights initiatives over the past decade, including contributing to the Vegan Society magazine. He has been vegan since 2010 and joined the board in 2018.