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Date: Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Only ten tickets left to the biggest show in town when it comes to alternative protein opportunities in Aotearoa: ProteinTECH 2019! Vegan Society members can get a 10% discount with this code: PT19VS10. The future of protein production is vegan 😎🌻

Date: Tuesday, 23 July 2019

What's Earth Overshoot Day? The Vegan Society's Claire Insley lays it out for RNZ's Jesse Mulligan. Spoiler: It's not great news for our planet. The future of sustainability is vegan 😎🌻

Next Monday is Earth Overshoot Day. That's the day when we've used up a year's worth of resources. It's a global average - New Zealand hit its overshoot day back in May.

Date: Monday, 22 July 2019

Vegan everything is the next big thing! Do you have any favourite websites or apps for finding cruelty-free furnishings? The future is vegan 😎🌻

Vegan interiors are set to be the next big ethical fashion, here is how you can do it in your own home.

Date: Sunday, 21 July 2019

Study finds poor diet may harm young children! Fixed your headline for you, In fact, the report actually says a well-planned vegan diet is healthy for young children. But I guess that's not so clickbait-y. The future of accurate reporting is vegan 😎🌻

Nutritionists in the UK warn parents to think twice before putting kids on a vegan diet.

Date: Saturday, 20 July 2019

We've got another Vegan Cheese Month giveaway lined up, this time from The Alternative Dairy Co.! Just like this post and tag a friend who could really use a cheesy treat for a chance to win. Have you tried this range of vegan cheese yet? The bold parmesan, melty mozzarella and tasty cheddar grates, melts and tastes amazing – perfect for celebrating Vegan Cheese Month! Pick up a pack at Pak’n'Save or New World and try for yourself. The future is vegan 😎🌻

Date: Thursday, 18 July 2019

Its back – the fabulous Hectors Restaurant, Heritage Auckland Hotel Mid-Winter Vegan Feast on Saturday 20 July from 5 PM onwards. Enjoy a delicious set six-course vegan dinner created by Gerrard O’Keefe executive chef of Heritage Auckland Hotel. Adults $65 (GST inc). Children under 14 years $32.50 (GST inc). Price includes a sparkling drink on arrival. For bookings call Hectors restaurant on 09 979 7434 or email No door sales sorry.

Date: Thursday, 18 July 2019

Poor old Kate Hawkesby seems to have a pretty limited idea of how activism works, as well as fair amount of sympathy for those who hate. "But please also know, that we will turn vegan if we choose to, without you ramming the cause down our throats with your sticker sabotage campaign..." And gee, I wonder if part of choosing to go vegan might involve being exposed to pertinent facts around the issue? The future of informed choices is vegan 😎🌻

COMMENT: Can you still be Vegan if you haven't told anyone within 10 minutes? - one of many memes about vegans. But why do vegans get such a bad name? We

Date: Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Vegan Happy Hour at Auckland's Satya South Indian Restaurant! Vegan Society members can get 50% off Satya's delicious vegan menu to celebrate the restaurant's 20th anniversary. Conditions follow: - Valid until August 15th -Available at Great North Rd Band Mt Eden Rd branches only - 5.30-6.30pm, 7 days. - Tables must be vacated by 6.45pm - Special applies vegan items only (no drinks) - Some menu items may be converted to vegan but no discount applies - Applies to walk ins and phone bookings only (no website) The future is vegan 😎🌻

Date: Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Win a vegan set menu for two (including vegan wine) at Saan! Eat Drink Love Ponsonby is a month-long celebration of food and drink in Ponsonby. For the festival, Saan is offering a $40pp vegan set menu featuring six dishes over three courses. Dishes include roasted eggplant chilli mushroom dip and crispy tofu red curry with snake beans and bamboo hearts. Available from 15 July to 16 August. To enter, simply like this post and tag the person who you would share this Saan feast with.

Date: Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Interested in alternative protein opportunities in New Zealand? Then you have to get to ProteinTECH 2019! Tickets are going fast and Vegan Society members can get a 10% discount with this code: PT19VS10. The future of protein production is vegan 😎🌻

Date: Tuesday, 16 July 2019

WIN: Celebrate Vegan Cheese Month with ZENZO: "A fantastic vegan, dairy-free cheese range that is 100% made in New Zealand! For a mind-blowing taste sensation, use Zenzo cheese anywhere you would conventional cheese - slice, grate or melt it! And now introducing our brand new, mouth-watering Mozzarella, enjoy this cheesy goodness on your favourite pizza or pasta!” To be with a chance to win a Zenzo cheese pack, like this post and tag your cheesiest friend. The future is vegan 😎🌻

Date: Monday, 15 July 2019

Vegan stickers are getting the nation hot and bothered. Have you seen any in your local supermarket? Do you think they help or hinder the cause? The future is vegan 😎🌻

Date: Sunday, 14 July 2019

"I think what is done for the animals to get into the supermarket has crossed far more lines than what we are doing." Tino kino te pai, that activist. Like the article says, the Vegan Society sympathises with this activism. That the article likens it to putting needles in strawberries or the supermarkets would consider it theft is ludicrous. "Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly." - Gandhi. The future is vegan 😎🌻

A wave of vegans stickering meat products has hit supermarkets across New Zealand.

Date: Saturday, 13 July 2019

It's another Vegan Cheese Month Giveaway!!! Win a delicious Vegan Deli Diva Taster Box, which includes: Aged Cheddar, Tasty Cheddar (both soy and nut free), plus three organic Cashew Cheese Balls (made with maple smoked paprika, garlic and herb, Whittaker's Dark Ghana and fresh lime). For a chance to win, just like this post and tag the biggest diva on your friends list. The future is vegan 😎🌻

Date: Saturday, 13 July 2019

This coming Tuesday is the final day to have your say on the Zero Carbon Bill! Head here to find out why it is so important and how you can make a submission: The future is vegan 😎🌻

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