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Date: Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Uber Eats predicts a vegan-heavy 2019 in NZ 🥕👨‍🍳🚗🤤 Pickles 🥒, brown rice 🍚, avocado 🥑, coconut 🥥 and tofu (where's my tofu emoji, Facebook?) are to be the most popular ingredients of 2019, the food delivery service predicts. Forecasting food trends from almost ten million searches in the past six months, Uber Eats NZ expects the vast majority of popular ingredients to be vegan in 2019. The future of lazy meals is vegan 😎🌻

The latest news, updates, and announcements from Uber.The sour and salty pickle is the food to watch in New Zealand in 2019, as revealed by the 2019 Uber Eats Foodcast. The list of trendiest food predictions for the year ahead also includes other healthy staples of brown rice, avocado and coconut.

Date: Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Need some lunchtime inspiration now you're back at work? Try these delicious Cambodian turmeric wraps for a midday meal to take you through to quitting time. Many more delicious lunch ideas on our website. The future is vegan 😎🌻

Vegan recipe for cambodian tumeric wraps. Read more here

Date: Monday, 14 January 2019

The Beyond Burger 2.0 is on the way 🍔🍅🥒🐮 Earlier we shared news of the new Impossible Burger 2.0, and now we have a rebooted Beyond Burger rolling out too! Unlike the Impossible though, the Beyond Burger is already available here and is, by many reports, bonkers good. So we can only dream and drool over what the improved version will taste like. The future of burgers is obviously vegan 😎🌻

The new, meatier patty is Beyond Meat’s next step forward in building the perfect burger from plants.

Date: Monday, 14 January 2019

Have you got eco-conscious omni friends? Help them make the most environmentally friendly choice possible as easily as possible with our 21 Day Easy Vegan Challenge. It's simple, fun, and tailored specifically to Kiwi tastes and product availability. Your friends' future is vegan 😎🌻

Date: Sunday, 13 January 2019

Vote for veganism 📊✅🥑🥕 Following our earlier post about NZ ranking third in vegan popularity, Stuff has reported the study -- with a poll! At the time of posting, the 'Yes' response to the poll question "Are you considering going vegan in 2019?" was in the lead. Let's keep it that way, go rock the vote! Our National coordinator, Amanda, is quoted in the article too: she knows the future is vegan 😎🌻

A study has ranked New Zealanders as third in the world for keenness to find out about veganism.

Date: Sunday, 13 January 2019

Aotearoa ranks third worldwide for vegan popularity 🥉🐷🥝👊 A new study shows New Zealand was behind only Australia and the UK in terms of vegan-based Google searches in 2018. The Kiwi future is vegan 😎🌻

The unstoppable rise of veganism - how a fringe movement went mainstream, - reads the headline of the Guardian newspaper in April 2018. Veganism is on a

Date: Sunday, 13 January 2019

Attention outdoorsy vegans: new food alert 🍉🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🥦 With no decent vegan options on the market, Kiwi company Local Dehy has developed a range of dehydrated meals for tramping. Made with fresh ingredients and dehydrated for lightweight carrying, the nutrient and protein filled meals are available in chilli bean, kumara chickpea curry and spaghetti bolognese varieties. Sounds like a delicious way to keep yourself fuelled while enjoying the outdoors this summer. The future is vegan 😎🌻

Date: Friday, 11 January 2019

Weekend brunch, anyone? 🙌🍅🥑🐮 This chickpea omelette is a delicious savoury treat to kick start your day off. There are heaps of other great recipes on our website too. What are some of your big breakfast or brunch favourites? The future is vegan 😎🌻

Vegan recipe for chickpea omelette. Read more here

Date: Thursday, 10 January 2019

The new and improved Impossible Burger 2.0 has been launched 🎉🍔🎉 It's easier for consumers to cook and is now also gluten free and halal certified. But when will it come to New Zealand? 😭 If you've tried Impossible, let us know your verdict. The future is vegan 😎🌻

The revolutionary plant-based patty gets a gluten-free makeover, bulks up on beefy taste plus texture, and is now comparable in iron and protein to its cow-based counterpart.

Date: Thursday, 10 January 2019

Did you know Wellington vegans have their very own monthly market? On the first Saturday of every month vegan restaurants and vendors come together for The Vegan Vault. The next market is February 2. If you've been before let us know your best finds. The future is vegan 😎🌻

On the first Saturday of every month, The Vegan Vault offers the best local vegan food and merchandise stalls, health and beauty vendors, plus live music!

Date: Wednesday, 9 January 2019

All the TV chefs are getting their vegan on 📺👨‍🍳🥦🍅 Last week it was Gordon Ramsey having a go, now lovable old Jamie Oliver. Feeding a vegan soccer team, no less. ⚽️🍏⚽️🍎 Do you have a favourite celebrity chef with recipes you've successfully veganised? The future is vegan 😎🌻

The feast, which is shared with vegan soccer team Forest Green Rovers, included dishes such as Keralan pineapple and Sri Lankan curry with roasted cauliflower.

Date: Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Only one month to go until Auckland's first ever Vegan Food Festival! 🍆🌶🥕🍉 You've got The Rolling Pin, Wise Boys Burgers, Double Dutch Fries, Vege Bang Bang, Otherside, Lalele Organic Gelato and heaps more, all in the one spot! Who's going? Who's got a favourite from that list? Who's hungry just thinking about it? The future is vegan 😎🌻

Auckland Vegan Food Festival, Auckland has recently gone through radical changes in both the ..., Eventfinda Stadium, Auckland, Auckland, 10 February 2019,

Date: Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Have you (or someone you know) missed the boat on Veganuary? We've got you covered! The Vegan Society has developed a 21-Day vegan challenge to help guide Kiwis through the process of choosing a healthy plant-based diet. Each day recipes, nutritional guides, expert advice and motivational tips arrive in your inbox. Recipes are based around familiar Kiwi cuisine and products that are readily available in local shops. So easy. The future is vegan 😎🌻

Easy Vegan 21 Day New Zealand Challenge

Date: Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Canada is ditching dairy for the New Year 👍🏽 How long until our government prioritises population health over profit? The Ministry of Health still lists "milk and milk products" as one of the four main food groups, recommending at least two servings every day. Canada is listening to the health professionals who recommend cutting dairy to eliminate all manner of health problems -- surely it's time our leaders did the same? The future is vegan 😎🌻

Health Canada's 2019 draft food guide sees some major changes from the 2017 version, with a focus on plant-based foods and dairy almost scrapped entirely.

Date: Monday, 7 January 2019

More vegan recipes in your inbox! 🥕🍊🍇🥑 The future is vegan 😎🌻

Take the hassle out of healthy with five plant-based dinner recipes delivered each week, plus a shopping list. Tasty, eco-friendly & finger liking good!

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