Shopping and guides

The cruelty free shop

The cruelty free shop is a vegan shop in Auckland, but orders online are available.

V1 vegan store

V1 Vegan Store is a vegan shop in Wellington.

A guide to vegan (facebook page)

A guide to vegan
A guide to vegan facebook page is a New Zealand based resource for vegans and is new for 2016. It contains recipe ideas, vegan product information for items you can buy in the supermarket, and tips for where to eat out. Browse the photo albums for ideas. Watch this space for when it will be available as a website, and after that an app.

E Number List

Download our e number card here to find e numbers that are not vegan.

Big book of vegan products

Download our big book of vegan products here, which details everyday supermarket items. This list is now quite old and in need of regular updates, we would love to hear from you if you can help bring it up to date! Please get in touch with us.