Now you can invest in the things you care about!


How much do you really know about the investments made on your behalf by your KiwiSaver scheme? Would you be shocked and dismayed to know that your hard-earned are heavily invested in the very things you vehemently oppose as a vegan?

Many of us allow our banks to select investments, or we have remained in a default fund since Kiwi saver began. Or we may have opted for the best scheme according to our own research, avoiding things like weapon investments and fossil fuels.

But did you know that ALL the major KiwiSaver schemes invest in animal exploitation, including animal agriculture and animal testing, as well as in businesses that damage human health and massively harm the environment?

Check Your current KiwiSaver here to see the widespread investment in coal, oil, mining, farming, pharmaceuticals, weapons, and consumer goods tested on animals.

“This year I put my own money where my mouth is and switched my KiwiSaver to CareSaver after meeting with CEO John Berry. I learnt from him, that regrettably I’ve been funding many of the atrocities I dedicate my life to opposing! I’m always so very careful with every dollar and every cent I spend elsewhere –never knowingly supporting harm and cruelty towards animals. I now feel immense relief to no longer finance investments that are causing harm with my savings!”
Amanda Sorrenson National Coordinator of the Vegan Society of Aotearoa NZ

CareSaver is a first-of-its-kind ethical KiwiSaver that scrutinises all its investments to avoid exploitation and harm towards animals, people and the environment. In fact it goes further. CareSaver only invests with companies that are actively making a positive contribution to the world, by ‘doing good’ in addition to just avoiding ‘doing harm’. Research is also ongoing for CareSaver, so if anything is amiss, or changes, they are prepared to investigate and amend it.

Compare your current KiwiSaver plan with CareSaver on this calculator

You might be wondering if ethical investing means CareSaver will perform as well as other KiwiSaver schemes and if the Government will make the same contributions? The answer is yes, CareSaver behaves just like any of the main KiwiSavers and the Government will make annual contributions to match your own. Their returns have actually outperformed others in the industry, since they kicked off in July last year. In fact in the first quarter this year, their Conservative Fund achieved a positive return (top of all Conservative Funds), while their Balanced and Growth Funds each outperformed the market average by over 5%. Being ethical does not mean lower returns and the team at Pathfinder have been investing ethically for a decade. They also have an online portal for you to see your balance at any time.

Choose a charity when you switch!
CareSaver’s management fees are set at the industry average and a variety of Kiwi charities have been chosen to receive an on-going donation – which is 20%, of that fee. The charities receive a donation from CareSaver, but don’t receive investment funds. We are not listed amongst them, nor any other vegan charity at this point, however CareSaver will make a one off $100 donation to The New Zealand Vegan Society- if your KiwiSaver is over $5k and you enter the referral code NZV when you switch. Thanks Pathfinder!!

Switching is easy!
You’ll only need your driver’s licence or passport, your IRD number and 2 mins of your time!
MAKE THE SWITCH TODAY and feel good whilst investing in doing good!

Legal Disclaimer
Pathfinder Asset Management is the issuer of the CareSaver KiwiSaver Plan.
Visit for a Product Disclosure Statement. Past returns do not indicate future results.