Eating out

A guide to eating out vegan

Eating out NZ map

Find vegan friendly places to eat in NZ, view by map location.

Eating out NZ listings

Find vegan friendly places to eat in NZ, search and list by region.

Takeaway chains

A list of chain take away places throughout new zealand, such as Z pies, hell pizza, PitaPit, and more.

Note that the listings on our map are not Vegan Society approved places, but rather a list of vegan friendly places that we know of, the purpose being to help you find vegan food around New Zealand.

Eating out tips: If there is no listing for your town, or the listed place is closed remember you can always just simply ask if the chef can prepare anything vegan for you. See what veggies etc they have on their menu and potentially suggest something, or an adaptation to a current meal, eg replace eggs with mushrooms, or just remove the cheese. Most places are happy to help if you ask. Many Thai and Indian places can easily adapt their meals for vegans, pizzerias can do the same. If you find somewhere that is very helpful, let us know!

Eating out worldwide

Happy Cow website - Find vegan friendly places to eat, stay, and shop worldwide on Happy Cow website. A must for planning any travels! Also has an app to download.