Dairy alternatives

Ditching the dairy foods is easier than it sounds, especially as there are so many delicious aternatives available, and most in your local supermarket.

Here is a guide to all things non dairy!


So many vegan cheeses are available from supermarkets in NZ, find out more..

Milk and cream

Soy, oat, coconut... so many plant milks are available. Discover different types here..


What to put on your toast or in baking? Find out what is available..


Vegan sauces and dips such as mayo, aioli and more...

Ice cream

Don't go without delicious ice cream! so many flavours and brands to choose from, read more..

Yoghurt and desserts

Yoghurt, chia seed pots, chocolate desserts and more, click to find out..


Yes chocolate can be vegan! so many different brands and flavours in a shop near you. Find some of our favourites here..