Gluten free

Eating vegan AND gluten-free is easier than you might think. There are many gluten-free grains available. And by avoiding processed foods that contain gluten, you automatically eat a healthier diet that can make you feel healthier, improve your sleep, digestion and overall well being.

Here is a guide to gluten free vegan

Make sure you eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Add grains to your main meals or use potato, kumara or pumpkin. Beans and pulses and some nuts and seeds will help to create a balanced and filling meal. You can also use these ingredients and combine them with fresh greens to creates delicious salads. Also see our tips for a well balanced, vegan diet.


Porridge can be made with rice flakes, millet, buckwheat or arborio rice. You can also make funky little musli bowls. Add some gluten-free granola or make your own mix with gluten-free grains or nuts and seeds, top with vegan yogurt and fresh fruit for a nutritious start into the day.

Green smoothies are also a delicious and nutritious breakfast alternative. Use bananas as a base and add fresh greens, one tablespoon of flax seed and a brazil nut, filtered water and other fruit of your choice. There are many inspiring recipes to be found here.


Some gluten-free products are pricey but you can swap for alternatives, eg instead of gluten-free pasta, use rice, quinoa, polenta or sorghum. Or make you own pasta. The same goes for bread, you can make your own or enjoy your hummus or guacamole with rice cakes, taco chips or rice crackers. Gluten-free wraps are another option, you can also make your own wraps or your own bread.

Most vegan cheese products are gluten free, as well as yoghurts, ice cream, plant milks (avoid oat milk, check others as a few soy milks are not gluten free), some meatless meat products, and of course tofu and tempeh.


Many cafes offer vegan and gluten-free cake options. Be it raw cakes or baked creations, there are also plenty of delicious recipes available so you can create your own.

Gluten free recipes

For recipe ideas see the vegan monster