Starter guides

Vegan starter guides and nutritional charts

There are numerous resources on the internet now for guides and kick start plans for a eating a plant based diet, plus many recipes online.

Here you can download some New Zealand based starter guides, plus check out some ther guides online.

Starter Guide

Vegan Society starter guide

Download our Vegan Starter Guide as a PDF.

This contains food ideas, recipes, vegan food pyramid and nutritional information, reading lists, website links and more.

Vegan Food Pyramid

Vegan pyramid chart

Download our vegan food pyramid in A4 size or A3 size.

A handy chart you could print, laminate and put on your kitchen wall! (It's also included with the starter guide above). The chart details vegan food sources of vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fibre and essential fatty acids. Great for helping prepare meals.

Starter Guide

Go Vegan starter guide

The Go Vegan starter kit is a great introduction to veganism – it has been designed to make the transition as simple as possible. It also includes an overview of animal rights issues, meal ideas, and an introduction to vegan nutrition. You can download a copy from their site or have it posted to you.

Starter Guide

A guide to vegan (facebook page)

A guide to vegan facebook page is a New Zealand based resource for vegans and is new for 2016. It contains recipe ideas, vegan product information for items you can buy in the supermarket, and tips for where to eat out. Browse the photo albums for ideas. Watch this space for when it will be available as a website, and after that an app.

Starter Guide

Simple happy kitchen

Simple happy kitchen is possibly the cutest little informative vegan website there is!

PCRM vegan starter Kit and Kick Start

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine have an excellent online starter kit providing nutritional information for all life stages including pregnancy & childhood.
You can also join their 21-day vegan kickstart to begin receiving tips and recipes. Based on research by Neal Barnard, M.D., one of America’s leading health advocates, this program is designed for anyone wanting to explore the health benefits of a vegan diet. This program repeats the first of each month.

Raising children vegan

Great information on raising children vegan can be found on the UK vegan society website - vegan diet for children and in pregnancy.