august is plant milk month

August is Plant Milk Month

22nd August is International Plant Milk Day and here at the Vegan Society, we are celebrating the fabulous array of plant milks every day of August!

There are a range of health benefits in making the switch to dairy-free, our waterways will benefit, your carbon footprint will be lower, your cholesterol levels will reduce, you will be kinder to animals and there’s a range of great tastes to be discovered! More people are trying oat milk, making their own, and there are more Kiwi companies producing it too. it’s an ideal option to replace dairy, both in planting, as oats grow easily in the New Zealand climate and in consumption. It’s so creamy that many people end up preferring it.

It is so easy to swap out dairy milk for plant milk and there are so many to choose from. Different brands of plant milks taste different, the different plants taste different, so it really is a smorgasbord to try them all. The milks which are best for the environment are oat and soy, especially locally grown soy. Well Australia is close enough, as yet there are no commercial soy farmers in NZ, but that could change? Something has to replace all these dairy farms that will soon be out of business as prices skyrocket. It is easy to make your own plant milk, but less easy to milk your own cow!

Not sure which is the best dairy-free option? Head over to our Dairy Free Awards and check out the winners, this year oat milks were a runaway success with far more votes for oat milks over the other plant milks. You can see which is the best cheese by taking a look at our Cheese Awards held just last month.

We love giving these awards to show excellence in the plant-based industry. This is a growing area and will continue to increase in popularity, with more delicious products coming onto the market. Kiwi entrepreneurs are getting great results with these plant-based alternatives and if you haven’t tried them yet, now is the time to do so!

To discover the range of dairy-free options head over to our Vegan Alternatives page and see for yourself. There’s so much tastiness to be eaten. 🙂

This month is ideal for trying a Dairy Free Challenge. You will receive inspirational daily emails to guide you through the different dairy-free options, offer recipes and information on what and where to buy. Maybe you can persuade a family member or friend to try it with you? Just a week to see how easy it can be, how delicious the dairy-free alternatives are, and find out that you love plant-based cheese 🙂

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