New Zealand vegan awards

Annual competitions to find the makers of New Zealand’s best vegan products.

Vegan Pie Awards
NZ Vegan Pie Awards

The New Zealand Supreme Vegan Pie Awards recognises and honours 8 vegan pies from around New Zealand.

Vegan Sausage Awards
NZ Vegan Sausage & Deli Awards

The New Zealand Vegan Sausage & Deli awards recognises and honours the nation’s most delicious vegan sausages and deli products.

NZ Dairy Free Awards

The New Zealand Dairy Free Awards celebrates excellence in plant-based dairy alternatives.

Vegan Cheese Awards
NZ Vegan Cheese Awards

The New Zealand Vegan Cheese Awards recognises and honours the most delicious Vegan Cheeses from around New Zealand.

Vegan Chocolate Awards
NZ Vegan Chocolate Awards

The Vegan Society of Aotearoa New Zealand is proud to present our very first Vegan Chocolate Awards!