March is Nutrition Month

Nutrition Month

March is Nutrition Month. 22 March 2022 The Vegan Society March is Nutrition Month To gain the full benefits of a vegan diet, it is best to eat whole foods. What are they? These are non-processed foods that are in their natural form, such as unhulled grains, unbleached flours and sugars, nuts and seeds, fruits […]

Eating More Plants Trends High For 2022


Eating More Plants Trends High For 2022. 30th December 2021 The Vegan Society The arrival of fabulous new plant-based products from big name brands such as Bird’s Eye, Pam’s and Let’s Eat, shows that the market for vegan foods is not slowing down. Plant-based is no longer just about the salads and sides, now there […]

Move Over Dairy ~ plants are here to stay

Move Over Dairy – plants are here to stay. 30 December 2021 The Vegan Society Move Over Dairy, Plants are Here to Stay – 2022 Forecast There will be a continued boom in plant-based products, especially in new markets such as vegan cheese. 2021 saw the first Vegan Cheese Awards, featuring NZ made plant-based cheeses […]

It’s Never Too Late To Go Vegan


It’s Never Too Late To Go Vegan. 5 November 2021 The Vegan Society Kiwi actor Thomasin McKenzie, comedian Tom Sainsbury, All Black TJ Pereana, entertainer Miss Geena, musician Tom Bailey, fire fighter Maaka McKinnie, soldier Apollo Taito, businesswoman Alice Shopland, racing driver Jono Lester, MP Chloe Swarbrick  and the ex-Governor General Dame Patsy Reddy. What […]

Vegan Children Have Better Cardiometabolic Health

Vegan Kids NZ

Vegan Children Have Better Cardiometabolic Health. 10 June 2021 The Vegan Society A recent study looking at a small sample of children came out with findings that the media interpreted as “The Dangers of a Vegan Diet for Kids”, yet this sensationalised headline could not be further from the truth. The study looked at just […]

Are Vegan Diets Harmful to Infants?

Pregnancy and Toddlers

Are Vegan Diets Harmful to Infants 8 June 2021 The Vegan Society Newstalk ZB UK research has found that children on a vegan diet are more likely to be shorter and have weaker bones than their meat-eating peers. The study by the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health in the UK and the […]

Survey says Meat is Associated with Manliness

Vegan Society Logo New Zealand

Survey finds Eating Meat is Assoicated with Manliness 10 May 2021 The Vegan Society Voxy News The results from the latest survey of Kiwi men show that they are more concerned with appearing macho, than the health of themselves or the planet! It seems New Zealand men would rather die younger and take the planet […]

Why does meat still maketh the man?

Vegan Men NZ

Climate Change Minister challenged to help climate change. 29 April 2021 Dr Mark Craig WHY DOES MEAT STILL MAKETH THE MAN? More than half of New Zealanders still associate eating meat with ‘manliness’ 69% of New Zealand men surveyed would rather die younger than give up meat Meat-eating and masculinity remain inextricably linked in the […]

Vegetarian Sausages Reviewed and Ranked

Vegetarian Sausages

Vegetarian Sausages Reviewed and Ranked 19 March 2021 The Vegan Society The SpinOff For a long time, vegetarian sausages were objectively bad. I, for one, am still scarred by the tasteless tubes forced upon me at barbecues as a vegetarian tween in the late 90s. Much time has passed since then, however, and an alternative […]

Plant Based Predictions for 2021

Plant Based NZ

Plant Based Predictions for 2021. 7 January 2021 The Vegan Society With over 440,000 people worldwide signing up to Veganuary, it’s clear that the plant-based movement is continuing to skyrocket. Kiwis are as keen as ever to be taking the vegan challenge, finding many of their traditional favourites existing in vegan form. The opportunities for […]