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The Humanity Trigger

The Humanity Trigger First-time author Mark Fitzpatrick, AKA Mark Humanity, shares his war stories as a veteran hunt saboteur in Europe, along with the impressive

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NZ’s Best Vegan Bangers

NZ’s Best Vegan Bangers Claire Insley, the Vegan Society’s media spokesperson, heads along to the NZ Vegan Sausage Awards, an annual celebration of the variety

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Growing Vegan Hospitality

Growing Vegan Hospitality Meet Gareth Scurr, the plant-powered creative who has become Aotearoa’s first qualified vegan hospitality consultant. If you’re reading this magazine, there’s a

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Animal Focus

Animal Focus Vegan photographer Jinki Cambronero tells us how she came to turn her documentary lens on Aotearoa’s animals, exposing cruel realities and celebrating unique

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Plant Based Building

Plant Based Building Martin Ulenberg, an architect specialising in ecologically sensitive design, explains how our modern construction practices are taking a toll on the environment,

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Greyhounds Lament

The Greyhound’s Lament Greyhound racing in Aotearoa may soon be a thing of the past — but for those advocating for the welfare of the

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The Plant Based Treaty

The Vegan Blog: showcasing our most popular articles on all things vegan. The Plant Based Treaty Claire Insley, media spokesperson for the Vegan Society of

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