Join the Pasifika Cookalong

Pasifika Cookalong

Join the Pasifika Vegan Cookalong 9 May 2022 The Vegan Society Join in our regular Vegan Pasifika Cookalong.Streaming live online, our next demo is on Sunday May 15th at 2pm ~ join us for lunch – we’re cooking up Garden Pasta! The NZ Vegan Society’s vegan Pasifika Cookalong will be livestreaming with Home cook Augustine […]

Join us for Meat Free May

Meat Free May

Join us for Meat Free May 1 May 2022 The Vegan Society It’s never too late to make a difference!  Join us for Meat Free May by trying vegan this month!Jump onto May’s challenge anytime up to 10th May and experience an exciting and wonderful array of meal ideas when you take animals off your […]

It’s Never Too Late To Go Vegan


It’s Never Too Late To Go Vegan. 5 November 2021 The Vegan Society Kiwi actor Thomasin McKenzie, comedian Tom Sainsbury, All Black TJ Pereana, entertainer Miss Geena, musician Tom Bailey, fire fighter Maaka McKinnie, soldier Apollo Taito, businesswoman Alice Shopland, racing driver Jono Lester, MP Chloe Swarbrick  and the ex-Governor General Dame Patsy Reddy. What […]

World Egg Free Day 9 October!

EmmettandHolly NZ

World Egg Free Day 9th October. 9 December 2020 The Vegan Society Move over Egg Day, make way for the chicken It’s the first World Egg Free Day and the five nations of New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, Canada and The Netherlands have come together to put the chicken before the egg. World Egg Day is […]

World Vegan Day New Zealand Style

World Vegan Day NZ

World Vegan Day New Zealand Style. 1 November 2020 The Vegan Society The first World Vegan Day was in 1994 to celebrate 60 years of the UK Vegan Society and to highlight what was then very much a minority position. Times have certainly changed as New Zealand ranks 5th for veganism in Google searches worldwide […]

Veganism twice as popular.

Veganism twice as popular. 14 September 2020 The Vegan Society New Zealand ranks 5th globally for veganism Veganism in New Zealand is now twice as popular as it was just five years ago! Google trends has shown clearly the rise in interest in veganism globally over the years. This article from Chef’s Pencil shows how interest in […]

Nutrition Month Challenge

Nutrition Month Challenge. 1 March 2020 The Vegan Society There are so many high profile vegans these days, it seems everyone from Arnold Swarzenegger, Harrison Ford and Bill Clinton are eschewing meat and dairy in favour of plant-based alternatives. Our most high profile vegan, Dame Patsy Reddy, Governor-General, has been vegan since watching Forks Over […]

FebNoDairy 2020!

FebNoDairy 2020! 29 January 2020 The Vegan Society What is FebNoDairy? It is a growing movement to reduce and remove dairy from your diet. Cow’s milk is designed for calves and it therefore has poor health effects on humans who consume it beyond the weaning years. Those who are concerned about the environment and think that the […]