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Changemakers Program


Become a changemaker and choose your donation – one time or ongoing, however small or large is welcome!

Vegan Society Changemakers Program test

Help us promote and support veganism across New Zealand.

It’s through the regular giving of people like you who care about the world that we are able to carry out our important work throughout Aotearoa, to advocate for veganism and increase vegan options.

Our Changemakers Program helps us help others to become and remain vegan and to make Aotearoa a more vegan-friendly country, with ever-growing options for everyone. We advocate for a kinder world, in which it’s easy to be vegan, so that more people will want to choose this lifestyle.

By joining our Changemakers Program you will be supporting the growth of veganism across NZ through our advocacy work.


So why not help give us the best chance of changing the world by joining Changemakers? Help us help the planet, the animals and the people of Aotearoa – because we’re stronger with you!
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Contributions of $5 or more are tax-deductible and will be receipted.
Up to 33% of your gift may be claimed back as a tax rebate.

Vegan Society Aotearoa is a registered charity in New Zealand (CC 45333).

How your membership helps us.

The Vegan Society of Aotearoa supports and facilitates a vegan lifestyle and plant-based eating by creating a vibrant, visible and influential community, and by providing resources and information. Whilst campaigning primarily for veganism and animals, we reject all forms of discrimination and oppression towards our fellow humans. Your subscription, no matter the option you choose, helps us achieve this and much more. Your membership cost helps fund our society activities so we can continue to advocate, offer education and support the transition of animal agriculture towards being plant-based.