Vegan cheese

There are so many delicious vegan alternatives available.

Cheese Alternatives

From feta to blue cheese and cheddar to camembert, you'll find an alternative for all your favorite flavours.

You’ll find the below options at almost any large supermarket near you.

Who hasn’t gone into their local supermarket recently to be astounded at the sight of yet another vegan cheese for sale? Then there’s the exciting artisan cheeses to be found at delis and vegan specialist shops, made using cultured and soaked nuts. There’s even vegans bringing their traditional family dairy cheese making skills into the arena. Such endeavours show that the future of cheese is truly plant-based and here to stay!  Check out the list below to see who is who in vegan cheeses.

Meet the cheese-makers of Aotearoa.

Make your own vegan cheese

You can find easy to follow vegan cheese recipes and some you can make within an hour!

You can find easy to follow vegan cheese recipes and some  you can make within an hour!

Then there is the Mad Millie Vegan Cheese kit where you can create your own range of nut cheeses within a day. Who can ask for more? And yet vegans continue to experiment and come up with better and tastier products than their animal-based equivalents. This is truly an exciting time to be vegan.

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International Vegan Cheese Brands available in New Zealand:

Cheesey news:

Vegan “Dairy Identical” cheese made from animal-free casein will launch in 2023.

Startup New Culture has found a way to create animal-free casein using a precision fermentation process that gives its dairy-identical vegan mozzarella the traditional color, melt, and stretch. Its first mozzarella product is described as having “the same taste, texture, melt, and stretch as the cheese we all know and love.” But it’s also animal-free and planet-friendly.