COP Officials Eating Our Resources


Although it is widely agreed that red meat is a leading driver of climate change, VIPs have been eating beef medallions and salmon during this year’s COP conference. This blatant disregard for following the science when it comes to climate change makes a mockery of the whole process. These people are supposed to be agreeing to global emissions reductions, yet do nothing themselves!

For 27 years government officials have been meeting to forge agreements on reducing carbon emissions. There is now a 50% chance that global warming will hit the 1.5⁰C within the next decade. This figure was the maximum rise in global mean temperature that would keep the planet at human liveable temperatures. The use of oil is the major contributor to the continual rise, and animal agriculture is an unnecessary use of said oil. It also contributes to climate change by deforestation, the demise of wildlife and their habitats, causing a massive imbalance in the Earth’s delicate ecosystem.

“The elephant in the room once again at COP is animal agriculture,” said Vegan Society Spokesperson, Claire Insley, “it is shameful that VIPs at COP are stuffing their faces with high carbon catering, whilst purportedly discussing how to reduce global emissions. The answer is literally staring them in their faces! The world needs us to grow more plants, eat more plants and stop cutting down the forests to provide land to grow crops to feed beef cattle to feed humans.”

The fact that the solutions to climate change already exist, that they are not being implemented due to Big Oil and Big Ag, who want to keep the damaging status quo, shows what a farce these COP talks are. The world needs COP actions, not more non-binding agreements set up for dates in the future. A future which is rapidly losing viability. These annual conferences are supposed to be about reducing global emissions, yet emissions continue to rise, propping up polluting industries is what they are really all about.

The actions are simple and available to us now. Technology is not going to fix the climate crisis, growing more trees and reforesting the planet will. Globally humanity must start looking after the forests, stop cutting down the trees, grow and eat more plants. Reduction of animal agriculture is key, as it is a massive use of the precious resources left, and contributes hugely to climate change.

More than ever the world needs action, not agreements.

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