Lalele Organic

Lalele Organic is all about catering to vegans with our menu featuring waffles, smoothies, and 11 seasonal popsicle flavours—all vegan!
Our main offering being our Gelato, Sorbet & Cocolato cabinet - which is 3/4 vegan.
"Cocolato" is our own creation, which is a vegan gelato made from coconut milk, so you can indulge the creamy texture of gelato without the dairy & egg.
 But hey, we're not just for vegans—we've also got options for people who are gluten-free and sugar-free, ensuring there's something for everyone.
You can find us every SaturdaySunday at our Catalina Bay Farmers Market store open 8.30 am - 2pm, inside the market at the back.
We also attend markets and events all over Auckland, follow our Facebook and Instagram for info.

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Catalina Bay Farmers' Market, Auckland
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