Eating More Plants Trends High For 2022.


The arrival of fabulous new plant-based products from big name brands such as Bird’s Eye, Pam’s and Let’s Eat, shows that the market for vegan foods is not slowing down. Plant-based is no longer just about the salads and sides, now there are delicious sausages, burgers and nuggets, all ready for the BBQ or grill.

Not to mention all the dairy alternatives, desserts, bakery products and more! With continued interest in plant-based products, supermarket shelf space continues to grow in this area. No longer just a sideline, the big brands know that they must keep up with the demand from consumers who want a healthier alternative to their previous fayre.

The Kiwi summer brings picnics on the beach, backyard BBQs, gatherings at the local reserve. It’s a great season to change up your habits and get into a new healthy lifestyle, with new year’s resolutions on the horizon, there has never been a better time to reduce your intake of fats and cholesterol.

Last year saw more people than ever taking the Vegan Society 21 day Easy Vegan and Pasifika Challenges. Globally Veganuary had it’s largest ever intake, at nearly 600,000, with even more people expected to sign up for this year.

The UK reports that almost a third of the population will be plant-based by 2022!  Meanwhile most Americans have tried a plant-based meat in the last year. Younger people are leading the way, with many of those under 24 taking part and spreading the words of compassion and kindness.

The NZ top 5 selling cookbooks are plant-based, including the one and only Chelsea Winter. Who would have thought you can make meringues out of chickpea water, or a cheesecake without cheese?

For some tasty examples for the BBQ, or summer gatherings, head over to the Vegan Society Xmas page.

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