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Hauora and Whēkanatanga (veganism)

When done right, veganism is a healthful way to eat, and it can be ideal for all stages of life. However, like hauora, Whēkanatanga is about more than kai and the taha tinana.


How does whēkanatanga (veganism) and te ao Māori relate to one another?


Whēkanatanga is primarily about aroha – promoting it, nurturing it, and extending it. When we choose to show love to animals and allow kindness to influence our decisions, we’re doing right by our animal whanaunga and living according to our values.


Whēkanatanga can also be a powerful expression of tiakitanga. It can help us rebuild our connections with the taiao, our awa, the ngahere and our atua Māori. Reducing the demand for farmed animal products is a great way to support Papatūānuku, as animal farming has become the single biggest threat to her hauora.


Actively helping the vulnerable can be empowering. But because veganism is still gaining respect, going vegan can be socially isolating. While we strive to improve the world for animals, we should try to maintain our relationships, including with whānau and friends who may disagree with us. Learn more about how to do this on our FAQ page.

For tips on keeping your whānau healthy while eating vegan, check out this simple checklist: the Daily Dozen. (Watch here for a deeper dive into the Daily Dozen.)