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July is Vegan Cheese Month

There has never been a better time to find vegan cheese and this month we set out to discover the award-winning ones across Aotearoa! Tasty and delicious in their own right, plant-based cheeses have come a long way and are often divided into two types. Many are artisanal, cultured and hand-made from nuts- suitable for a cheese board or are they are everyday cheeses made from oil and starch, good in cooking and available at most supermarkets.

The range of vegan cheeses to be found in most popular supermarkets and health food and speciality shops just keeps on growing. As supermarkets continue to report increased sales of plant-based products, the demand for vegan cheese will continue to increase.

Did you know that you could try a different vegan cheese every day of the month of July and not get through all of them?

 The Vegan Society is looking for outstanding vegan cheeses to wow their judges and crown one cheese a Supreme Winner this month of July.

The third Vegan Cheese Awards will be held on 24th July at Khu Khu Eatery in Ponsonby.
The categories are:

•         Artisan Cheddar

•         Commercial & Flavoured Cheddar

•         Mozzarella

•         Feta

•         Cream Cheese (plain and flavoured)

•         Soft Cheese (ricotta, other spreadable types)

•         Flavoured Cheese (herb, cumin, etc)

•         Hard Cheese (parmesan, hard grating styles)

•         Surface Ripened & Blue Cheese (covers brie, camembert and blue)

Last year’s Supreme winner was Savour with their Cashetta. The judges all remarked how good it tasted, “Wonderful appearance, right amount of salt and pepper. Good feta!”. Can your cheese do better? Find out now by registering here

Find out more about the Vegan Cheese Awards, including last year’s winners and details of how to register for this year’s awards. Let your favourite cheesemaker know about these awards.

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