June is Sausage Month!

June is Sausage Month – and we are immersed in vegan bangers!

This year our Sausage Awards have grown! Just like the vegan meats section globally, the range of vegan meat and fish style products is still growing in Aotearoa and thus our Awards are reflecting this. We are excited to offer 4 new categories into our June Awards, which also have a new name to welcome the new categories.

We are delighted to present the Vegan Sausage and Deli Meat Awards!

With the delicious array of deli meats now available throughout New Zealand, we figured it was time to give the whole range of vegan meats their chance to shine. We can now buy vegan versions of pastrami, ham, bacon, cutlets, turkey/chicken slices and even seafood, chicken pieces and more! This is a glorious time to be vegan!

The Awards will be even harder to judge this year thanks to the huge range of categories now included:

  • Breakfast Sausage
  • Bangers BBQ
  • Hotdogs and Sausage Rolls
  • Speciality Sausage
  • Chorizo Sausage
  • Pastrami
  • Cold Cuts (chicken, turkey, salami)
  • Bacon Style NEW
  • Burger Patties NEW
  • Hot Served ‘Meats’ NEW
  • ‘Seafood’ NEW
  • Innovative Category
    (Producers using innovative ingredients such as jackfruit, banana blossom, tempeh, congak, fungus etc, to create a unique vegan meat option.)

Head over to our Facebook and Instagram accounts to be in to win some delicious non-meaty giveaways. What is your favourite vegan not meat range? How many of last year’s winners have you tried?

Awards Dates

Register by 20th June and the Judging is on 24th June

For more information head over to our Sausage Awards page

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