Boil Up



Prep time


Cooking time




  • Medium potato x3

  • Medium kumara x2

  • Carrot x1

  • Small pumpkin, halved

  • Pūhā (or watercress), 3 handfuls / 2 cups wilted

  • Silverbeet, 4x leaves

  • Cabbage, halved

  • Garlic, x2 cloves

  • Vegetable oil, 1 tablespoon

  • Vegetable stock, 2x tablespoon / to taste

  • Smoked paprika, half teaspoon

  • Liquid smoke, 4-6 drops / to taste

  • Vegan meat substitute - “Blissful Beef Chunks” 500grams


  • Chop all your root vegetables, except your pumpkin, into equal sizes.
  • Chop your pumpkin slightly smaller - this helps create a thicker soup.
  • Add your root vegetables to a pot, then submerge them with water and bring it to a boil.
  • Add your vegetable oil, garlic (crushed), vegetable stock, smoked paprika and the liquid smoke to taste.
  • Bring to a simmer after your water boils.
  • After 30 minutes add your leafy vegetables. Only add the leaves of the Pūhā, removing the stems and flowers.
  • Once everything is cooked, add the mock meats and remove the pot from the heat, ready to serve.
  • Add salt and pepper to taste. Extra pepper is ideal!


  • Check out this alternative boil-up recipe which includes dough-boys!
  • Pūhā can be swapped out for any leafy green vegetable. watercress is an ideal alternative and can be easier to source than pūhā. These leafy greens add an unmatched flavor, but if neither are available, add extra cabbage and silverbeet.
  • If you’re using wild pūhā, ensure you’re harvesting from an area free from sprays, aerial 1080 and other contaminants. Avoid harvesting in urban areas. From the wild or your own backyard is best.
  • The bitterness of pūhā can be reduced if you rub the leaves together under running water. However, this sour flavor is the purpose of the plant. Consider adding less pūhā if the flavor is too stong. For more information on pūhā, check this out.
  • Any vegan mock meat can be used, or tofu. We recommend the Blissful beef chunks for the best flavor, found here. Just ensure you don’t overcook them; they only need to be heated.
  • For the perfect match, serve your boil-up with a side of Rēwana bread!