It's Meat Free May


We would all like for everyone on the planet to be vegan as soon as possible. The reality is that for many people it is a journey and one that may start with reducing the number of meat-based meals they eat. This just used to be called eating, but now it’s called flexitarian. Every time someone eats a meatless meal, they are saving animal lives and reducing harm to the environment. They may even be bettering their health!

There are some great ideas around popularising this idea, such as Meat Free Mondays, and here at the Vegan Society, we have extended it to Meat Free May 😊 During this month we encourage you to take your omni friends to vegan restaurants, to cook a meat free meal for someone who usually eats meat, to attend a potluck or other meal event and share your vegan knowledge and cooking.

There are some great recipes on our website, maybe some dishes you have never tried? Have a look and find your favourite. Times are hard for many, as winter approaches, longer evenings and colder weather may make us want to hibernate. This is when our vegan community needs to stick together, as there are vegan restaurants closing across the world, it is vital to support our locals when we can.

Connect with other vegans and encourage your vegetarian friends to try a plant milk or cheese instead 😊 Sharing food is a great way to introduce plant-based foods to those who think they won’t like them! See who you can bring to the vegan side 😊

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