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The national egg shortage has really highlighted how many chickens were living terrible lives filled with pain, suffering and cramped conditions. It’s so good to know that there are vegan alternatives for eggs, whatever you want to do with them.

Back in 2012, the government committed to banning battery cages which don’t allow hens to move around, roost or do any normal chicken stuff except lay. The government passed legislation to enact a 10-year phased roll-out culminating in an outright battery ban.  This ban on battery caged hens, announced back in 2012, comes into effect on Saturday

“Last year, Stuff reported Countdown had already removed cage-laid eggs from five stores as it moves towards its goal of being completely cage-free by 2025. And Foodstuffs said they would no longer accept colony eggs from 2027 either, which Brooks described as a “bombshell”.*RNZ News

“We are delighted that the country is now looking at plant-based alternatives for their eggs. The reality for so many chickens was truly distressing for the animals. It is sad to acknowledge how many eggs were reliant on these chicken slaves. We hope that as the problem continues, more people will discover that vegan egg alternatives are actually quite good, and they don’t need to use eggs at all”, said Vegan Society Spokesperson Claire Insley.

There are so many different options for using eggs in baking, from applesauce to peanut butter. Many recipes such as this pancake one use oil instead of eggs.

But what about Hard boiled eggs? You can’t do a vegan hard boiled egg can you? Well you really can! Miriam is amazing at coming up with such great mimics. What about a fried egg then? Yeah, she’s cracked that too!

How about this delicious Banana Pancake recipe?

Or this amazing frittata?

An omelette made using chickpea flour?

After trying all these, you will wonder why people use eggs at all! Cheaper, easier and no cruelty involved, no cholesterol, with or without protein, so many healthier options.

We hope you will share these recipes with your friends who are still complaining about the lack of eggs at the supermarket 😊


In the Media
RNZ – No Eggs, No Problem
With Claire Insley

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