NZVS Partners with Pathfinder – The Ethical KiwiSaver Providers.

How much do you really know about the investments made on your behalf by your KiwiSaver scheme?

And would you be shocked and dismayed to know that your hard-earned savings are actually invested into the very things you vehemently oppose as a vegan?

What is Pathfinder KiwiSaver?
The Pathfinder KiwiSaver Plan (Pathfinder KiwiSaveris an ethical investment. This means, for example, that we consider environmental, social and governance matters when investing. We do this to be consistent with our values (Aware, Fair and Care) and because we believe companies that are more ethical make better longterm investments.

KiwiSaver Growth Fund will make a one off $100 donation to The New Zealand Vegan Society ~ if your KiwiSaver is over $5k and you enter the referral code NZV when you switch.
Thanks Pathfinder!!

Switching is easy!
You’ll only need your driver’s licence or passport, your IRD number and 2 mins of your time!
MAKE THE SWITCH TODAY and feel good whilst investing in doing good!

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