Plant Milk Month!

As 22nd August is International Plant Milk Day, here at the Vegan Society, we are dedicating the whole month to raising awareness of all the fantastic array of plant milks now available in Aotearoa.

We have been excited to see the range grow from all kinds of companies. Many start with just one plant milk and expand into other plant milks as their market grows. There seems to be no end of delicious and cruelty free alternatives to be found in the supermarkets, you can try a different plant milk each day of the week!

Not just plain flavours but the classic chocolate milk is available in many different plant bases. Recently the classic Kiwi favourite Milo realised it was missing out on valuable vegan dollars and released a plant based version, just ready to add into your favourite plant milk for that delicious hot chocolate you have been craving since your childhood. Can you persuade a family member to try a plant milk for a week?


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