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It’s through the regular giving of people like you who care about the world that we are able to carry out our important work throughout Aotearoa, to advocate for veganism and increase vegan options.

Our Changemakers Program helps us help others to become and remain vegan and to make Aotearoa a more vegan-friendly country, with ever-growing options for everyone. We advocate for a kinder world, in which it’s easy to be vegan, so that more and more people will want to choose this lifestyle. Our goal is to increase the numbers of vegans in New Zealand, as well as the number of vegan options.

By joining our Changemakers Program you will be supporting the growth of veganism across NZ through our advocacy work

*        With business to increase and reward vegan options via our Business Membership Scheme our Vegan Awards Program and through sponsorships and collaborations

*        With the media to ensure vegan stories get out to the mainstream and to present veganism in a positive and accurate light.

*        With Kiwis to resource, support and educate them to become and remain vegan. We currently run three online vegan challenges taken up by thousands each year.

*        With professionals and VIPs to grow our reach and give us added credibility

*        With politicians, institutions and other organisations to create change at local and national level

*         With the community on social media, via our lifestyle magazine, public talks, educational web resources, social events and at expos

*        Working with the Vegan World Alliance to grow and support veganism globally

So why not help give us the best chance of changing the world by joining Changemakers? Help us help the planet, the animals and the people of Aotearoa. Are you in?

Sign up today and support a kinder world with us!

Magazine Option

Its optional to receive our quarterly Vegan lifestyle magazine when giving over $60/ annum. You can choose pdf or print magazine. We suggest if you don’t want or need the magazine to instead place it in a nearby drs surgery, hairdressers or local café on our behalf.
That way it does its true work to positively profile and give visibility to, a vegan way of life; giving a voice for veganism where there might be none.