Takeaway chains

The following is a list of chains that have vegan friendly food throughout New Zealand. See the website for each place to find locations.

Burger Fuel

They have a tofu burger and a v8 vegan burger. They also do soy thick shakes.

Food Type: Burgers

Website: https://www.burgerfuel.com/nz

Coffee Club

Due to increased demand The Coffee Club have introduced a new vegan menu with a range of vegan meals and snacks on offer.

Food Type: Cafe

Website: https://www.thecoffeeclub.co.nz/

Coffee Culture

Currently all stores are in Christchurch region plus Timaru. Vegan food in the counter such as cakes and pie.

Food Type: Cafe

Website: http://coffeeculture.co.nz/

Hell Pizza

Hell Pizza have a vegan pizza option on the menu (no cheese), but also have Angel Food vegan cheese to swap out dairy cheese on veggie pizza's or create your own.

Food Type: Pizza

Website: https://hellpizza.com/nz/

Dominos Pizza

Dominos Pizza have introduced vegan cheese in 2018 thanks to customer demand for it. They have a vegan range section on their website.

Food Type: Pizza

Website: https://www.dominos.co.nz/

Mad Mex

Veggie options come with free guacamole. All meals are customisable so easy to make vegan. More Auckland locations, also in Wellington and Hamilton.

Food Type: Mexican

Website: http://www.madmex.co.nz/

Noodle Canteen

They have rice noodles and tofu

Food Type: Chinese

Website: http://noodlecanteen.co.nz/


They have falafel and hummus, and you can pick your ingredients for your pita or salad and customise it to be vegan.

Food Type: Sandwiches/Salads

Website: www.pitapit.co.nz


Subway offer a veggie patte that is vegan (ingredients can change though, always best to check), or you can pick your own salads to have in a sandwich and skip the cheese. Can be a good option at airports for example or when travelling through small towns that have a subway.

Food Type: Sandwiches/Salads

Website: www.subway.co.nz


Tank have juices, wraps, and salads of which some are vegan.

Food Type: Salads/wraps

Website: www.tankjuice.co.nz/

Wholly bagels

Hummus and falafel option for a bagel.

Food Type: Bagels

Website: http://www.whollybagels.co.nz/

Yoghurt Story

Labelled dairy free, egg free, gluten free. See their website for locations, mostly in shopping centres.

Food Type: Ice cream/sorbet

Website: http://www.yoghurtstory.co.nz/

Z Espress

Yes thats right, Z petol stations vegan pies! Three of them. The first was the result of an online design a pie competition in 2015, and the pie was launched in 2016. Available at the Z Espress Coffee locations, you can filter their map to show Z espress only which the website link below takes you to.

Food Type: Pie

Website: https://z.co.nz/


Burrito's, Taco's and more. Can be made vegan and customised to suit. Currently in Auckland and Wellington regions, as well as queenstown.

Food Type: Mexican

Website: http://zambrero.co.nz/