BBQ marinated tofu kebab sandwich w crispy kale

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1 packet firm Tofu 1 punnet Cherry tomato 1 Capsicum 1 Onion 200g Mushroom 1 Carrot 1 Courgette 30ml Citrus Vinaigrette 1 head of Romaine 1 Pomegranate 4 pieces Focaccia ( each about burger bun size) 100g Cashew cheese 100ml Smokey BBQ sauce 100ml Vesey vegan aioli


Dice the tofu, mushroom, onion, capsicum and cherry tomato to the same size and skewer, then baste with BBQ sauce and leave over night to infuse the tofu. Ribbon the carrot and the courgette using a vegetable peeler and place in a bowl, lightly dress with citrus vinaigrette, just before using toss in the romaine leaves. Slice the focaccia through in half so you have a top and bottom then toast. On the bottom half smear the cashew cheese, on the top you can smear a little of the bbq sauce. On the bottom focaccia place the tossed courgette and carrot ribbons with romaine and build up. In a hot skillet or bbq cook the tofu skewers until well coloured and cooked. Place on the courgette and carrot salad and drizzle the remaining aioli and bbq sauce over the top. Sprinkle with pomegranate seeds and get into it.

Source: Gourmet Recipes from Gerarrd O'Keefe from The Heritage Hotel, Auckland