Potato, carrot & onion patties with chilli & coriander

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½ cup grated potato ½ cup grated carrot ¼ cup grated onion ~80ml organic white spelt flour (or any flour you prefer) salt to taste ? tsp chilli powder (or more if you like) a small hand fresh coriander, finely chopped and some extra to serve ½ tsp baking powder (try to buy aluminium free) 1 clove of garlic, finely grated (or use paste) water (you won't need more than ¼ cup)


Mix the grated potato, onion, garlic, optional salt, baking powder, coriander and carrot together in a bowl Add the flour, mix well - let sit for a few minutes so the flour can absorb some of the moisture Start adding water bit by bit till you have a thick 'batter' that sticks together (if you add too much water, add more flour) Shape the patties til they are about ½ to ¾ cm thick

Source: Thanks to Eerainuh of VaVaVroom