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Scrambled teggfu

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2 Tablespoons peanut oil (or other light vegetable oil) 1 medium brown onion, very finely chopped 1 block firm tofu (I used Tonzu brand for its texture) 1 block japanese firm silken tofu (in blue tetrapak at supermarket) 1 teaspoon powdered turmeric (or 1 tablespoon grated fresh turmeric) 1.5 teaspoons volcanic black salt 1/4 cup coconut cream Sourdough bread, toasted Parsley to garnish Salt and pepper to serve


Heat the oil in a pan and add the onion, then cook on low heat for 5 minutes till soft and sweet. Turn up the heat and use your hands to crumble the firm tofu into the pan, cooking for a couple of minutes. Do the same with the silken tofu, adding the turmeric and volcanic salt at the same time. . Remove from heat and add coconut cream, mixing through till well combined. Serve on toasted sourdough with a sprinkle of chopped parsley, volcanic salt and ground black pepper.


Scrambled tofu is a great thing, especially when it has a few x-factor aspects to it. Volcanic salt has a strong sulphury smell. It’s the star of the show, and if you’ve ever been to Rotorua you can guess exactly how it smells - like eggs. In a supporting role, Turmeric turns everything yellow with a slightly musky flavour. What about texture? That's where a mix of different types of tofu makes a difference: here I use both firm and soft, with a bit of softened onion which also adds sweetness. A dash of coconut cream gives a creamy character and joins the dots to make it all come together. The end result puts a big smile on my face, with textures and tastes that show that plant-based food can be deeply satisfying.

Source: Aaron Brunet