Mac n Cheese

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Packet of instant vegan mac n cheese OR pasta/macaroni Angel Food Cheesy Sauce Non dairy milk of your choice Breadcrumbs Smoked Paprika


This one was made using Leahey brand instant pack. Available from some supermarkets or online at the cruelty free shop. Alternatively, this can be made with Angel food cheesy sauce mix (available in some supermarkets or organic stores) and regular pasta shells. Cook the pasta according to instructions. Cook the Angel Food sauce mix according to instructions. Mix together. To make it extra tasty sprinkle smoked paprika and breadcrumbs over the top and bake for 5 mins (after already cooking on the stove top). Serve as it is, or try with steamed greens or salad.


A guide to vegan have many dinner suggestions and recipes on their facebook page. Making a vegan cheese sauce from scratch is also possible, and delicious! Google for many different recipes

Source: A Guide to Vegan