Vegan shoes

In NZ most shoe shops have non leather shoes which will be marked as non leather or with the non leather symbol (a diamond). The glue however may not be vegan. For strictly vegan shoes, and often ethically made in terms of materials and labour too (but check the websites!), then there are plenty of online stores to check out and google will give you lots of results too. Should you travel overseas then its definately worth finding out where the vegan shoe shops are and paying a visit! There are some good stores in Australia. In the meantime here are some links to get going.

Piccadilly Footwear - located in Auckland.
Shop 5, Queens Arcade, 24-40 Queen Street, and 12 Teed Street, Newmarket Plaza, Newmarket.

Vegan Style - located in Melboure, Australia

Vegan Wares - located in Melbourne, Australia.

Vegetarian Shoes - located in Brighton, UK.

Wills Vegan Shoes - located in London, UK.

Vegan Chic - located is Los Angeles

Nice Shoes - located in Vancouver Canada, well worth a visit if you go!

Planet Shoes - located in America

Moo Shoes - located in America