Review of 2022

We thought we’d share with you all the cool things we got up to in 2022!

To those who have participated through being a member or taking out business membership, and to all our volunteers and team members, and to all of you who live a kind, compassionate lifestyle, we THANK YOU for making this possible!

Here’s what happened:

over 7000 hours of work was put in by volunteers!

we welcomed 1937 new participants to our Easy 21 day challenge.

we shared our 21 day Pasifika challenge with 1643 people!

our social media saw 1500 new followers

we were mentioned in the mainstream media 60 times

we delivered 2 formal submissions and gained over 2000 petition signatures

we ran FIVE national vegan food awards

9000 of our Vegan Magazines were distributed

we challenged two VIPs to try plant based.

FREE monthly Vegan Living talks were presented in libraries in Auckland and Wellington.

We published numerous articles calling for global veganism, supporting the conclusions of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)

we delivered our petition to parliament asking farmers to diversify to growing crops for people.

participated in Iron Awareness Week.

launched an enquiry into plant-based labelling and its correct usage

started our ‘last Sundays of the month’ events in Auckland’s Snickel Lane

With your support we can create even more in 2023! The future is vegan!




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